Once a hub of tobacco, the farmers of the chilakaluri pet have shifted focus to cotton and chilli, prompting the locals to set up spinning and ginning mills.


Total cultivable lands 


Cotton Crop 


Chilli Crop


Paddy Crop


Tobacco, Subabul, Dal, Jute and Vegitbles and Gross


Two types of Tobacco harvested in chilakaluripet area. it is necessary to cure it before consumption. Tobacco curing is also known as color curing because when tobacco leaves are cured the intention is to change their color and reduce their chlorophyll content.

Virginia Fire Cured (VFC)
Every farmer should have a permission to cultivate the fire cure tobacco. Tobacco board gave a permission for 280 barens.
Each barn can have 5.5 Acres which is equal to 1540Acers.
This type of tobacco harvested in Pasummaru, Boppudi, Gottipadu, Gopalavari Plem, Edavalli, evurivari Plem and Nagabyravari palem.

All farmers should transport to Vellampalli in Prakasam District to sell the tobacco.
Background :Fire-cured tobacco is hung in large barns where fires of hardwoods are kept on continuous or intermittent low smoulder and takes between three days and ten weeks, depending on the process and the tobacco.[4] Fire curing produces a tobacco low in sugar and high in nicotine. Pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and snuff are fire cured.[5]

Sun Cure
Total 3200 acres used to cultivated and this type of tobacco called ‘Barly’.

Background : Sun-cured tobacco dries uncovered in the sun. This method is used in India, Turkey, Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania and Mediterranean countries to produce oriental tobacco.[7] Sun-cured tobacco is low in sugar and nicotine and is used in cigarettes. In India sun curing is used to produce so-called “white” snuffs, which are fine, dry, and unusually potent.

Agriculture Markting Yard:

  1. In year 1982 Chilakaluripet Marketing yard separated from the Narasarao Pet Market Yard.
  2. There two major locations, the old yard located in front of the RTC Bus station and new yard located near to the AMG.
  3. Farmers from Chilakaluripet, Nadella and Edlapadu mandals can store their agriculture products in the market yard.
    The old yard has a storage capacity of 600 metric tons.
  4. The new yard has a storage capacity of 8500 metric tons.